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Migrantour Utrecht goes to Rotterdam

Our #Migrantour Utrecht intercultural companions-in-training went to Rotterdam on Saturday!

We first headed to the #Wereldmuseum to get inspiration from its exhibits for adults and kids about life in a superdiverse city. #Superstraat -- an immersive sensory experience designed for kids -- was especially delightful and insightful. We also really appreciated hearing from our guide Carla about what it takes to be a guide and the museum's moves towards acknowledging the conditions under which some of the museum's objects were collected.

We then moved on to #ErasmusUniversity, where the #RSMSTARCaseClub student organisation dedicated a full Saturday to reviewing #MigrantourUtrecht's business case and developing strategies for how to make our initiative economically and socially sustainable. Scenarios were presented by 7 extraordinary teams, each bringing really useful ideas to the drawing board.

We ended the day with our heads and hearts full. But we can't wait to make use of all of the golden nuggets we encountered today!

Great thanks to the Wereldmuseum and Erasmus University's RSM STAR Case Club for their very generous support for Migrantour Utrecht! Migrantour Utrecht is made possible by the Erasmus+ Migrantour Sustainable Routes project.

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