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Why take the 'Transformative & Participatory Qualitative Research Approaches & Methods' (TPAR) PhD course?

Curious about our 'Transformative & Participatory Qualitative Research Approaches & Methods' (TPAR) PhD course offered through WASS WUR at Wageningen University & Research? We made an introductory video for prospective and incoming course participants, packed with insightful reflections from many of our 2023 alumni! We think it really captures what the course aims to do. Check it out here:

This annual course starts again in February. Registration is already closed, however, as we've reached capacity. If you're interested in the course, though, don't hesitate to get in touch with my me or my co-coordinator Anke de Vrieze to find out more and get on the waiting list for 2025.

Special thanks to our 2023 TPAR alumni that contributed to this video: Anna Roodhof, Charlotte StijnenCharlotte van Haren, Fleur van BovenJay Marisca Gietzelt, Louise Wipfler, Sarita Bhagat, Simone van Wieringen & Tom Kiel!

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