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In this line of research, I look at how the medical and long-term care needs of different transnationally-mobile populations (e.g., economic migrants, retirement migrants and so-called 'medical tourists') are being supported and met in an era of intensified global mobility.

My work examines the key trends challenging conventional nationally-containerised thinking about sources, directions, subjects and relations of care by paying attention to transnational configurations of formal (i.e., state, private and voluntary) and informal (i.e., family and community) care provision.


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Ormond, M. (2013) Neoliberal Governance and International Medical Travel in Malaysia, Abingdon: Routledge.

"This book addresses a large number of vitally important issues affecting the provision of healthcare in many ‘developing’ and ‘developed’ countries. [...] What this insightful, challenging and beautifully written book demonstrates is that the destinations, routes and points of departure of medical travel are formed by specific geographies, historical relationships and power struggles. [...] This book is not only about Malaysia. In many ways it provides a model for analysing and evaluating medical travel in any destination. It makes a significant contribution to debates on medical travel and will no doubt prove its influence as this important field develops."

- Ruth Holliday, University of Leeds, UK (The Australian Geographer, 2015)

"Neoliberal Governance and International Medical Travel in Malaysia is a well-researched study on the development of international medical travel (IMT) in Malaysia. […] Each chapter presents a well-articulated argument substantiated by multi-layered case studies, making the book an up-to-date and perfect contribution to the definition of IMT. [...] the book’s meticulous research and robust conceptual framework, along with its discussion on methodology, make it a useful guide on how issues in the IMT need to be further analysed and tackled at various geographical levels, i.e. from regional to global." 

- Audrey Bochaton, Department of Geography, University of Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense, France (Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 2015)

"Ormond successfully demonstrates the growing complexities of, and challenges to, administering national healthcare systems within increasingly permeable borders. Her book provides great insight into the difficulties facing healthcare systems that are increasingly reliant on other nations, philanthropic organizations, and corporations to provide appropriate health care. [...] Ormond’s book provides an excellent description of neoliberal practices and the impacts of international travel for health care on public health."

- Krystyna Adams, Simon Fraser University, Canada (The Canadian Geographer, 2015)

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