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Meghann Ormond (PhD in Geog., Univ. of St Andrews, UK, 2011; PgDip in Geog., Univ. of Lisbon, Portugal, 2005; BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Geog., Univ. of Colorado-Boulder, USA, 2002) is Associate Professor in Cultural Geography at Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands. 


Meghann is deeply invested in and concerned with how differently-mobile people's roots, rights and vulnerabilities are recognised and included in the places they visit and in which they live.  She focuses on how shifting visions and practices of citizenship and belonging impact transnational mobility, heritage, health and care relationships.  

Meghann is a dual US and Portuguese citizen, and routinely draws on her time in Canada, Morocco, Belgium, Portugal, Scotland, Malaysia and the Netherlands to enrich her work on diverse facets of cross-border mobility and transformative learning. Recipient of the 2011 RGS-IBG Jacques May Award for best PhD thesis in the field of Health & Medical Geography, she also has regularly worked together with think-tanks, policy-makers and industry representatives, scholars, governmental bodies and non-governmental organisations to advance health equity in global South countries where international medical travel is being used as an economic development tool.


Meghann places great emphasis on societal engagement beyond the realm of academia. In light of this, she regularly collaborates with and contributes to established and emerging initiatives on migrant heritage and transformative learning in the Netherlands and beyond. Examples include collaborations with Stichting Collective Nouns/De Voorkamer for the Migrantour Utrecht project; Stichting Pocket Stories for the Roots Guide and Rural Migrantour projects; the Expatriate Archive Centre and Hiraeth Magazine. She is also the author of over 35 peer-reviewed publications and serves on the editorial board of Current Issues in Tourism


Meghann also tries her best to contribute to bringing about a more humane kind of university in which people of diverse backgrounds can learn from one another and thrive. To do this, she is co-founder and co-coordinator of the CSPS Transformative Learning Hub at WUR (2020-present), a member of the Wageningen Young Academy (2021-26), and a Centre for Unusual Collaboration (CUCo) board member (2022-23) and co-designer of its Spark interdisciplinary research training programme (2021-22). She coordinates MSc and PhD-level courses in the philosophy of social science and (transformative and participatory) qualitative research methods, as well as contributing to courses on global health and responsibility, diversity and sustainability.

Contact: meghann.ormond [@]

Wageningen University & Research


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