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What's Migrantour Utrecht?

Migrantour Utrecht offers participants a co-created narrative on what life is like for people with diverse migration backgrounds in Utrecht's Lombok neighbourhood. We're not your average guided walking tour! Come and see how we do things differently at Migrantour Utrecht, and join us to discover and connect with Utrecht's rich migrant heritage!

Migrantour Utrecht - the first Migrantour in the Netherlands - was co-founded by Meghann Ormond and Fiona Hawes at De Voorkamer. Our Lombok tour was co-created together with our wonderful team Abdulaal Hussein , Dana Motlaq, Daniel Okiror, Denzel Diamanka, Jill Ahrens, Negar Rajabi , Norullah Ihsan, Oumar Barry, Paula Bran Nájera, Randa Awad , Samah Kareesh , Sasha Jourd'heuil , Siham El Ouazizi , and Yetunde Oludare.

And check out our digital storymap site!

A huge thanks to filmmaker Jamie Buchanan for capturing the essence of our initiative in the video featured here!

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