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The Roots Guide Educational Toolkit is here!

Are you an educator or facilitator looking for creative approaches to citizenship education-related content and teaching ideas on themes like diversity, migration, heritage, identity, belonging, and inclusion? 

Our new Roots Guide Educational Toolkit is designed for you! 

It offers you step-by-step instructions and ready-to-use lesson plans that can be used with teens and adults alike, in both formal and informal learning settings. Download our free 48-page toolkit here: 

Designed by experienced educators and facilitators active in the fields of global citizenship education (GCE) and diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) in the Netherlands and around the world, the Roots Guide Educational Toolkit provides solid pedagogical structure and innovative, carefully researched content that enables introspection, sparks curiosity and inspires bravery to explore the complex political, socio-economic, and cultural situations we currently find ourselves in, and to imagine what futures we want to emerge. 

The Educational Toolkit draws on an array of creative methods and resources for large group, small-group and individual explorations to support not only cognitive learning but also socio-emotional and behavioural learning so fundamental to GCE.


Like our interactive Roots Guide guidebook of the Netherlands, the educational toolkit brings you, your students and participants through four steps:


  • Connect with your own and others’ current and previous experiences and feelings relative to identity, difference and stereotyping

  • See yourself and others through an intersectional lens - i.e., how society shapes what each of us can be/do as a result of the intersection of different facets of our identities

  • Reflect on how you want to represent yourself and articulate this to someone else, and recognise how you represent others


  • Recognise the range of identities and lived experiences in your group

  • Share memories to spark stories of personal connections to migration

  • Craft stories to (re)connect with the wealth of your own lived experiences

  • Develop empathic listening skills to understand and connect with others more deeply


  • Examine the differences between past, history and heritage to understand how the narratives we tell ourselves about who we are are never neutral

  • Situate personal, family/ancestral and community experiences within a broader social, economic and political historical context


  • Digest and express key learnings from the Reflect, Connect and Explore sessions via meaningful and accessible forms of self-expression

Download our free 48-page Roots Guide Educational Toolkit here: 

Purchase your very own copy of our alternative guidebook of the Netherlands, Roots Guide Nederland (available in Dutch), here: 

The Roots Guide Educational Toolkit’s creation team includes: Meghann Ormond, Ingi Mehus, Fiona Hawes, Kristina Mau Hansen, Daniel J.Wurpel, Rehab Eldalil and Hamzah Kashash

The Roots Guide initiative is made possible by support from the National Geographic Society, Stichting Pocket Stories, Wageningen University & Research, and folks like you.

Like what you see? Then, please support us! Buy the Roots Guide guidebook for your colleagues, students, friends, and loved ones. Use and spread the word about the Educational Toolkit with people in your network. And reach out to us! We’re happy to facilitate training workshops on the use of these tools. We’re also thrilled to learn more about what great things you’re doing on these timely topics!

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