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How to set up a Migrantour in your area?

Curious about how Migrantour has developed in 20+ cities and rural areas across Europe? Interested in bringing Migrantour to where you live?

Visit to find out more!

As part of our Erasmus+ KA2 'Migrantour Sustainable Routes' project, we captured the Migrantour design and development experiences of our 7 project partners and distilled them into a comprehensive 8-chapter Migrantour handbook that can be used not only by partners throughout our network but also by organisations keen to set up Migrantour in and with their communities.

Our handbook offers invaluable step-by-step guidance on how to set up your Migrantour initiative, with: - Detailed explanations with examples - Reflexive exercises and checklists - Tour co-creation session plans - Intercultural companion training session plans - Digital storymap development instructions

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