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Wageningen, play the city!

Hey Wageningen, let's play the city together on 10 July! Join us for a special event with Dr Alex Bonham, author of Play & the City: How to Create Places & Spaces to Help Us Thrive (2021, Hachette)!

Date, time and location: Monday, 10 July from 11:00-13:00 at de bblthk (Stationsstraat 2, 6701 AM Wageningen) for the interactive seminar. For those who wish to keep on playing together, also feel free to join us at 14:30 for SpelenmaaR XL on Margrietplantsoen! No registration needed - just show up!

Every child begins to comprehend their place in, and impact on, the world through play. In this seminar led by Alex Bonham, we will explore some creative playful practices that might change the way we conceptualise and evolve the urban realm.

Alex Bonham has a background in theatre and law and recently completed her PhD at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She is also an elected member on the Waitemata local board, a part of Auckland Council, where she is a champion for play and the arts.

Questions? Contact Meghann Ormond at meghann.ormond [@]

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