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Roots Guide @ CREATOUR webinar

Roots Guide will be featured in CREATOUR International's upcoming webinar series session Highlighting distinctiveness: Connecting travel to community and sense of place on 3 June 2021. To register, please visit:


This is the third of a series of three International Creative Tourism Webinars in Spring 2021 within the umbrella of CREATOUR International. Conceived as “global conversations,” the webinars aim to create a platform for connecting creative tourism research and practice in a spirit of co-learning.

Each webinar will bring together practitioners and researchers, and feature guests from creative tourism and allied areas of practice. Following initial presentations (approx. 10 minutes each), we will be encouraging all participants to engage in an open discussion, aiming to foster a platform to discuss experiences, concerns, and various gaps in knowledge (and practice), especially during this uncertain time.

Today, creative tourism is situated among an array of locally focused alternatives-to-mass-tourism that have been emerging in recent years, such as conscious travel, responsible tourism, and community-based tourism. Creative tourism provides an avenue for rethinking and reconfiguring visitor relations with an eye to local benefits; it is a platform for developing new initiatives based on local cultural resources and specificities; and it can be used to pursue broader societal and sustainable development goals.

CREATOUR’s approach to creative tourism highlighted active participation, learning, creative self-expression, and community engagement, all underlined by an immersive connection to place. This connection to the place in which activities occur includes the community, the cultural and historic dimensions of a geographic location, and the intangibilities that make it meaningful.

As we look forward to “re-emergence” phases of social life and travel, this session will focus on highlighting the distinctiveness of a place through creative tourism and related initiatives. Special attention will be placed on addressing challenges and developing strategies and tactics to meaningfully connect travel to community and articulating with the sense of place.

Invited speakers:

  • Greg Richards, University of Tilburg / Breda University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

  • Mariana Calaça Baptista, Destino Caldas, and Nicola Henriques, SILOS Contentor Criativo, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

  • Meghann Ormond and Fiona Hawes, Wageningen University / Roots Guide, Netherlands

  • Meng (Mo) Qu, Hiroshima University, Japan

  • Maria Huhmarniemi, University of Lapland, Finland

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