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New Fresh Forward podcast episode

Check out the new Fresh Forward podcast episode where Anke de Vrieze and I were interviewed by the marvellous facilitator and mistress of #transformativelearning Neža Krek! In this #FreshForward episode, Anke and I talk about some of our initiatives at #WageningenUniversity like the Transformative Learning Hub and the #WASS #transformative & #participatory action #research #methods (TPAR) course for PhD candidates and early career scholars as well as our more recent work with the Centre for Unusual Collaborations (CUCo).

Among the range of topics we cover are the joys and challenges of nurturing #colearning, #connection and #innovation in university teaching and research practice; why we became educators and what drives us to focus on transformative approaches; our frustration with the #fearoffailure and how it's entrenched in university #recognitionandrewards; and the meaningful impacts of #facilitation and transformative learning approaches on the lives of our students, colleagues and collaborators. Many thanks to Fresh Forward for this opportunity!

You can also find it on Spotify and wherever else you usually listen to podcasts.

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