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New course!

Responsibilities for Equality and Sustainability (GEO-59306) is a great new course for 3rd year bachelor students at Wageningen University & Research starting in Period 1 this autumn.

Wageningen folks, please share this info with students that you think might enjoy it!

This immersive course helps you explore your societal position, the actions you can take to enact change, and your responsibilities in doing so. Learn vital concepts and skills for engaging with diverse perspectives, using hands-on experiences to better understand, and reflect on, your role in shaping a more equal and sustainable world.

Teaching team: Birgit Boogaard, Clemens Driessen, Meghann Ormond, Luana Poliseli Ramas, Chizu Sato, Dienke Stomph & Peter Tamas

I'll be teaching on geographies of responsibility and generosity, and we'll be taking students on a Migrantour Utrecht guided walking tour!

Questions? Reach out to course coordinator Dr Chizu Sato at

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