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MSc Tourism, Leisure and Environment rated 'Excellent' in national programme accreditation

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

The MSc Tourism, Leisure and Environment (MLE) programme received the rating 'Excellent' from the Dutch national accreditation office (NVAO). Because of this, the MLE can now be recognised as an international benchmark in Tourism Higher Education. The 'Excellent' rating is very rarely achieved in the Netherlands, and it is the first time that a Wageningen University -- the top-ranked Dutch university in teaching quality -- has ever received such a rating for a masters programme.

Meghann Ormond contributes to this masters programme as course coordinator and lecturer for the Concepts and Approaches in Tourism, Society and Environment course, thesis and internship supervisor, and Programme Committee member (see Education).

Excerpts from the accreditation report:

  • “The panel describes the intended learning outcomes as progressive, cutting edge and avant-garde in terms of looking at wider aspects of business, society and environment.”

  • “The panel finds that MLE has managed to create a high-quality programme and community with dedicated staff and students who are all active participants and who function in a setting that is geared towards continuous improvement and innovation.”

  • “The panel was particularly impressed by the quality of the theses, which it describes as outstanding.”

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