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Migrantour Digital Storymaps

Did you know that Migrantour is located in more than 20 cities and rural areas throughout Europe? Get a taste of the unique perspectives that our network offers in 7 different cities with our new digital storymaps!

Our storymaps were developed within the scope of the Erasmus+ KA2 'Migrantour Sustainable Routes' project, with partners from #Barcelona, #Brussels, #Copenhagen, #Lisbon, #Ljubljana, #Milan and #Utrecht.

Each city's storymap includes highlights like our favourite tour stops and what Migrantour means to us, questions to spark reflection on timely issues, places and events that are part of our lives and shouldn't be missed, how we co-created the tours, and insight from our tour participants themselves.

Project partners

- ACRA - CR Milano

- Alter Brussels - Migrantour Brussels

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