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Leave no one behind!

Leave no one behind!

Join the Global Call to Action for urgent inclusion of migrants & refugees in the Covid-19 response:

Reposting from Lancet Migration's statement:

'People on the move, whether they are economic migrants or forcibly displaced persons such asylum seekers, refugees, and internally displaced persons, should be explicitly included in the responses to the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic. This global public health emergency brings into focus, and may exacerbate, the barriers to healthcare these populations face. [...]

Governments need to provide universal and equitable access to health services and to all determinants of the highest attainable standard of health within the scope of universal health coverage to migrant populations, regardless of age, gender, or legal status.

Recognise inclusion of mobility as key to effective health care and health systems and to shift away from the traditional structure and delivery of health systems through geopolitical borders.

Confront racism and prejudice with a zero tolerance approach. Public leaders and elected officials have a political, social, and legal responsibility to oppose xenophobia and racism that fuels prejudice and exclusion of migrant populations.'

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