Ingi Mehus, Founder, Pocket Stories & Global Facilitator, Ashoka

Meghann is a gifted researcher who possesses unique expertise in the fields of migration, tourism, and heritage education. In combination with a curious, insightful and reflective personality, this has made her an invaluable partner over the last few months for our ‘Roots Guide’ project. Roots Guide is a brand new travel guide that we are currently developing aimed at Dutch locals to discover The Netherlands through the eyes and stories of diverse people living in the country. She goes above and beyond in generating value for this collaboration project through research, curation, and the creation of content and methodologies, while working in an international multidisciplinary team consisting of artists, designers, storytellers and scientists. Meghann’s dedication and personal commitment to strengthen heritage practices for transnational people is exemplified by the high quality of the work she delivers; I am very grateful to work together with her in 2019 and hopefully for many years after.

Neil Lunt, Professor in Social Policy & Social Work, University of York

Meghann has wide-ranging expertise around migration, mobility and health-seeking. She combines theoretical depth with broad fieldwork experience. Her analysis is nuanced, her prose elegant.

Carlijn Wentink, Director, Stichting COMB

At Wageningen University I taught a course in Global Health together with Meghann for several years. I can say she is one of the most inspiring colleagues I've worked with. Meghann is an expert in her field and a great "critical friend", being both critical and constructive. Together we improved the course set-up over the years. What I love in her classes is that she has a lot of drive and enthusiasm, is a gifted story-teller and has a good eye for people - she easily connects and puts people first. Students love listening to her and working with her. I've seen Meghann very patiently explaining difficult content to students, over and over again, and giving them elaborate and constructive feedback, both in class and in assignments. Even though there were many students in the class that were at first hesitant to ask questions in English (since it was not their first language), Meghann quickly made them feel secure and managed to have a lot of interaction.

Lim Chee Han, Senior Analyst, Penang Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We collaborated and produced a publication on the trends and prospects of the private healthcare sector in Johor, which was published by ISEAS-Yusof Ishak in July 2018. Currently we are working on a project looking at the local impacts of medical tourism to Penang. 

Meghann is an amazing researcher and writer. I find her very easy to work with. She shows her dedication and deep commitments to our projects. I am often more than impressed by her knowledge and insights on the healthcare sector in a Southeast Asia country like Malaysia -- it's as if she is an observer stationed on the ground. Even when we converse online about our collaborative project, Meghann often radiates enthusiasm, confidence and passion in the very subject.

She is also a good content organiser and a speedy writer who can produce a draft piece within a short timeframe completed with many annotations as well as genuinely interesting flow of thoughts. Plenty of academic strength and rigour I can learn from her during the collaborative process. For this, I am thankful.

Clemens Driessen, Assistant Professor in Cultural Geography, Wageningen University

Meghann is an awesome teacher who I've had the privilege of witnessing in action when we taught a course together. She takes students seriously and builds on their interests and abilities. Through her enthusiasm, curiosity and thoughtful approach to teaching she manages to create conditions in which everybody learns, both students and staff.

Manuela Stefanova Ilakova, Autism Therapist

I had the privilege and pleasure to be one of Meghann Ormond's students in the Leisure, Tourism and Environment Master's degree at Wageningen University. As a lecturer, Meghann brilliantly transformed a highly theoretical course into an engaging and meaningful experience that left a deep understanding of the concepts and approaches she taught. Later on, as my MSc thesis supervisor, she helped me more easily navigate the process of writing to produce a successful piece of research in the end. This wouldn't have been nearly as insightful and enjoyable without her guidance, calm confidence, excitement and thoughtful feedback. As one of her former students, I would say Meghann is a truly gifted teacher. With her unique energy, enthusiasm, open-mindedness and creativity, she makes even the what-could-be tedious matter interesting and relatable, and that means a lot for students' motivation.

Pieternel Cremers, Accessibility Consultant, Nationale Vereniging De Zonnebloem

Meghann and I got to know each other during the first year of my MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment (Wageningen University), in which she taught the course 'Concepts & Approaches'. Her enthusiasm and passion for the academic field made me eager and motivated to learn about these, for me completely new, topics and ways of thinking. It was always a pleasure going to her, often very interactive and innovative, classes and I counted myself very lucky that our research interests also seemed to have some overlap. This meant that during my thesis period, in which I focused on accessible tourism, I could also count on her academic and personal support. Meghann's supervising style makes you want to push yourself without feeling pressurized to do so. I think it is again her enthusiasm and passion that rub off on the persons she works with. She certainly made me reach an academic level I didn't know I was capable of. After graduating Meghann and I became colleagues in the Cultural Geography chair group and I got to know Meghann as a very pleasant and social colleague. She is always interested in how you are and up for a (quick) catch-up. Meghann supervised me in my attempt to obtain a PhD and also here she has been a great inspiration and has helped me whenever and wherever she could. When I made the difficult decision to quit my PhD (for personal reasons) she was once again very supportive, which made the difficult period a lot more bearable. All in all, I can say that Meghann has great academic skills and hasn't lost touch with the 'real world', she truly cares for people and this shows in her work.

Evelien Fiselier, Community & Partnerships Coordinator, Unity Effect

During my undergraduate studies at Wageningen University, I had the pleasure to be taught by Meghann in a few courses, to work together with her in the BSc Tourism Programme Committee, and to have her as my second supervisor for my BSc thesis. Within these different roles she has been an exemplar and a mentor for me. The work that both of us did within the BSc Tourism Programme Committee was focussed on the continuous evaluation and the overall development of the BSc Tourism study programme. With a team of three students, two lecturers, the study advisor and the two programme leads, we organised meetings to discuss issues that concerned the overall programme and to actively take decisions upon them. The committee members acted as representatives bringing in the voices of all involved with the BSc Tourism. Working with her in the Programme Committee, I was impressed by her commitment, her structured way of working and her natural ability to take the lead on certain issues. It made me want to learn from her and to aspire to develop such skills to a similar extent. Her commitment, organised nature and leadership competencies have also been visible within her teaching capacities and her role as BSc Tourism thesis coordinator. Those in combination with ‘a critical, but fair approach’ gave me a feeling of direction and guidance, whilst knowing what was expected from me. Most importantly Meghann has been instrumental for my personal and professional development pathway. She inspired and encouraged me to push for the things that I find important and she expressed her confidence in me and my future career. This was fundamental for me as a student finding my way in the world. In short: I couldn’t have wished for a better lecturer, Programme Committee colleague and thesis supervisor.

Sarani Pitor Pakan, Journalist and Writer

I will always remember one comment that Meghann -- my masters thesis supervisor for the MSc Leisure, Tourism, Environment at Wageningen University -- made in one of my earliest thesis drafts where I had written about how I aimed to 'answer' my qualitative research questions: "The objective is to respond, not to answer per se." It was a simple comment but, to me, a very profound one. 

Like the commment she made, Meghann is both plain-speaking and profound. She coordinated and taught the most fundamental course in our master's programme, about various epistemological approaches in the social sciences. That course was so pivotal for students to understand leisure and tourism in more critical manner. She invited and provoked students to be critical, making sure that students comprehend the material she delivers but in a way that makes them feel comfortable at the same time.

As a thesis supervisor, Meghann always made me feel appreciated. In face-to-face meetings, emails or draft comments, she always started with appreciation of what I did. (When one is surrounded by the directness of the Dutch, having a thesis supervisor who always appreciated your efforts is a blessing.) That was when I realized that Meghann was not only a great teacher and an excellent scholar, but also a very kind human being.

More academically speaking, she grasped what I wanted to study from the beginning of the thesis process. That enabled her to give direction whenever I got lost in my own thoughts but without taking away my intellectual freedom. Crucially, she directs you, but in the direction you want to go. Moreover, she found my personal intellectual development important, checking in to see how the thesis process had affected my thinking and approach.

In short, I greatly appreciated her thesis supervision -- she gave me the freedom, care, and assurance necessary to do it.

Neringa Kavaliauskaite, MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment alumna (2018)

I got to know Meghann at Wageningen University & Research, where she taught me on the 'Concepts and Approaches' course. The course, at first glance, looked very challenging. However, with Meghann's great teaching skills, empathic listening and one-on-one communication with students, I managed to engage with diverse social sciences paradigms from a critical perspective.

At each early morning lecture, Meghann's enthusiasm woke us all up and gave us good energy (starting with the music we listened to before or during the lectures). She was always actively engaging and involving students in 'juicy' discussions, games and experiments.

Finally, with Meghann as my master thesis supervisor, from the first minute I knew I was in good hands. She can draw on great and diverse personal and academic experience to provide relevant material and to advise  about how to begin and continue one's research. I appreciate how she, as both a great researcher and teacher, taught me how to ask good, critical questions. She genuinely motivated me to make my thesis project personal and useful for my future career, and she even involved me in her own project (HERC), where I could meet other heritage practitioners, teachers and entrepreneurs. 

I'm grateful to have had Meghann as my teacher and supervisor, and I really look forward to staying in contact through future activities.

Simone Camps, BSc Tourism alumna

During my undergraduate studies (BSc Tourism) at Wageningen University, I was taught by Meghann in a few courses and worked together with her in the BSc Tourism Programme Committee.

Meghann is an expert in her field and a really passionate teacher. She always clearly explained the course content and inspired me and the other students to think deeper and critically reflect on issues we discussed. She took students seriously and built upon their abilities and interests. If students needed more help or wished to further discuss something, we could also contact Meghann outside the lecture hours. She encouraged students to give feedback on her teaching, the course content and the BSc Tourism in general and, because of this, she knew very well the students’ preferences and needs regarding the programme. This not only made her a great lecturer but also a great member of the BSc Tourism programme committee.

Working together in the programme committee, I was impressed by her commitment, her skill in building bridges between the BSc Tourism students and staff members and her organizational, leadership and teamwork skills in the many projects she did within the committee. In short, it was a great pleasure to have Meghann as my teacher and to work together with her in the BSc Tourism programme committee. She is a truly inspiring and wonderful person!